11 February 2011

That's so true

11 February 2011
That's what gossip girl said:

All in the instant, everything changes.
We leave the past behind and speed toward the unknown... our future!
We set out for far off places and try to find ouvselves
Or try to lose ourselves exploring pleasures

The problem start when we refuse to let changes happen and cling to old habits.
If we hold on to the past to tight, the future may never come..........

26 January 2011


26 January 2011
when I say "I am Okay",
I want someone
to look me in the eyes,
hug me tight
and say
"I know
You are NOT"

1 January 2011

A new Page

1 January 2011

It's 1111 today!!!
A brand new year <3

I shall not dwell in the past anymore
It's really time for me to look forward...

Shall the sadness flew away
Shall them be the memories...

For things I did wrong, I learned
For things I lost, I forget
For things I expect, I lessen
For things I desire, I hope
For things I gained, I treasured
For things life gives to me, I remembered

'When we keep thinking what we dont have; we forgot what we do have."

My 2011 new year resolution:
Start over with a smile =)

9 November 2010


9 November 2010
Instead of reading journals, blogging strike my mind!! I made this kind of statement once in a blue moon. I just don't know why :p
By the way, I have totally nothing in my mind. I know is lame. But I just feel like typing some random thoughts...

before making any comments toward others, take a walk in other peoples' shoes
............because you have absoultely no idea why people do things the way, just not the way you do yours.

...........because you have totally no right being to cant accept others obsess with the things they like, just not the cup of your tea.

you dont have to lose the girl to be a woman!! Sometimes being naive can be enjoyable than knowing the ugly truth.

if you think you're great, others think they are as well. So, dont ever run in to others and degrades others' way of life.

There's no formula for a relationship.

When I'm trying to escape from reality, that's the imminent return to real life.

Being yourself is just not enough, the concern is about realising yourself.

Life's good! Why worry?? lolx.

Well, it's time for bed.
Au revoir.

29 September 2010

Picture tell its all..

29 September 2010

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